Chef Grace Chin spent much of her life cooking Eurasian and Nyonya food for her family, and finally opened her own stall in 2014 to share her homecooked food rich in flavour after encouragement from her family. Assisted by her brother Christopher, Grace serves up a variety of 100% MSG free Eurasian and Peranakan dishes such as Curry Debal (Devil's Curry), Ayam Buah Keluak, Chap Chye, and Babi Assam daily.

The best Eurasian and Peranakan dishes are always cooked fresh with a lot of time and effort spent on putting together the perfect blend of spices and right balance of flavour. Grace does her marketing early in the morning, and sometimes changes the daily menu according to what quality ingredients she can grab fresh from the market. You know you'll always be getting a taste of home and heritage when you eat at Popo and Nana's Delights, and we're very proud that many Eurasians and Peranakans have dropped by the stall and complimented us on the authenticity of the food. 

The name Popo and Nana's Delights was inspired by Grace's grandmother (Popo), a fiesty Nyonya, and mother (Nana), a loving and kind Eurasian lady. Popo and Nana's Delights hopes to serve the best Eurasian and Peranakan food in Singapore.