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It has been delightful meeting Christopher Chin, 58 and Grace Chin, 54, the owners of Popo & Nana’s Delight, a 4 months’ old stall at Maxwell Food Centre serving homely Peranakan and Eurasian dishes. The stall is named Popo & Nana’s Delight in remembrance of their late paternal Indonesian grandma, which they lovingly called ‘Popo’ and their late mother, a Eurasian lady warmly named ‘Nana’...

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Eurasian home cooking: Popo & Nana's Delights (Maxwell Road Food Centre)

Eurasian dishes are hard to find here. The low-profile east-meets- west cuisine does not feature much outside of home kitchens. I struggle to think of places that serve Eurasian food beyond Mary's Kafe in Queen Street and Quentin's Restaurant in Ceylon Road.

Imagine my delight when I spot Popo & Nana's Delights stall in Maxwell Road Food Centre recently. It serves Eurasian and Peranakan dishes, which are cooked by owner Grace Chin, 55...

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Popo & Nana’s Delights – Nonya and Eurasian food at Maxwell

In mid-May 2016, when I asked Chris, one of the proprietors of Popo & Nana’s Delights and the one who took my order, how long their stall had been open at Maxwell Road Food Centre, he said, “Eighteen months – we’re the new kids on the block.” I thought eighteen months wasn’t that short a period, but of course Chris was humbly acknowledging the years and even decades of experience the other hawkers in this centre have.

Popo & Nana’s Delights specialises in “Homemade Nonya and Eurasian Food” and the display shows dishes such as Devil’s Curry, Shepherd’s Pie, Ayam Masak Merah and Pineapple Prawn Curry...


Unique eats for your next hawker adventure

Popo & Nana’s Delights, 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-70 Maxwell Food Centre

If you are tired of queueing for chicken rice or porridge at Maxwell Food Centre, check out this stall that offers classic Eurasian and Nonya dishes. Our favourite is the Eurasian beef ball curry—the curry has a familiar flavour but the addition of beef balls adds an interesting texture to the dish. Also worth a try are chicken shepherd’s pie, black pepper roast beef and housemade Nonya classics like babi pongteh and assam pork. The dishes are rich in flavour with a kick, so have that can of Coke light on standby! Opening hours: 10.30am to 5pm (closed on Sundays) 


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